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Maelstrom's Edge Gameplay Videos

A series of videos stepping through some of the basics of a Maelstrom's Edge game.

Click on the Playlist icon on the top right of the video pane to select different videos.

A Walk-through of The Maelstrom's Edge Game

To make it easier for a new gamer to learn the rules, we've drafted this rules walk-through which aims to be a less daunting read than the full rulebook may be if you're new to the game. This tutorial battle will teach all the basics: how to set up a game, how to activate units, how to move and shoot, the terrain rules and how to win! Click here to read the walkthrough.

Maelstrom's Edge Game Primers

A new series of articles from the Comm Guild blog, taking a look at some of the different parts that make up the Maelstrom's Edge game rules. New articles will be added periodically.

  • Missions & Objectives


  • Narrative Missions


  • Assembling a Force


Let's Play!

An amazing fan of Maelstrom's Edge took the time to head up to Guerrilla Miniature Games and recorded this introduction to the game for everyone to enjoy!

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