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Escalation is the second collection of short stories set in the Maelstrom's Edge universe, by some of the best known science fiction authors in the world.

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"Some of the best hard-hitting SF I've read in years: thought-provoking, tragic and masterfully written" - Adrian Tchaikovsky, Arthur C.Clarke Award winner

Tales from the Edge: Escalation is the second in a series of science fiction short story collections set in the Maelstrom's Edge universe. In the far future, all of humanity's efforts to colonise the Spiral Arm of the galaxy are coming undone as a tidal wave of dark energy known as the Maelstrom devours planets and stars alike.

"An unmissable anthology featuring stories by some of our best writers, set against the backdrop of a galaxy at war." - Gareth L. Powell

"Calling all heroes! When the galaxy itself is out to exterminate you, your world, and everyone you love, where can you run? There are a billion great stories on Maelstrom´┐Ż??s Edge, and this volume collects a heaping handful of them." - David Marusek, author of COUNTING HEADS

"Set against a galaxy-wide backdrop that positively resonates with Shakespearian doom, this anthology is full of impressive stories. Despair, anger and resolve are all there. Many will die, yet a few will live--read these stories to find out how fate deals out their cards." - Mike Cobley, author of the HUMANITY'S FIRE trilogy"

Featuring stories by:
Alastair Reynolds
Rob Ziegler
Jaine Fenn
Jeff Carlson
Aliette de Bodard
Stephen Gaskell
Tomas L. Martin
Jon Cooper
Karin Lowachee
Liz Williams



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