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Spiral Arm Studios is creating a new a customisable plastic paint storage system we're calling 'StackaRack'. After successfully funding on Kickstarter, we're now moving on to production, with StackaRack expected to be completed around February 2022.

Assembled Prototype StackaRack Desk Pic

Paint collections have a way of growing organically, and most of the current paint rack solutions out there are fixed to specific configurations, and made for a specific type of paint pot. If you're like me, and collect multiple brands of paint, that can make organising them a little frustrating, and so we thought we would try to fix that.

StackaRack Unit Render

StackaRack was designed to hold any of the major miniature paint ranges - from the dropper bottles used by Vallejo and Army Painter, to the tall pots from the likes of Privateer and Reaper (and GW's old range), and the current stubby Citadel pots. The injection moulded plastic parts will fit together with plastic clips, allowing you to build it how you like, and disassemble and reconfigure it as needed. The prototypes shown here are about 90% completed - the clip system is still a work in progress, with the Kickstarter giving us the development time we need to finish it off, and we wanted to allow room for fine-tuning based on feedback during the campaign.

StackaRack Prototypes

We're aiming to fund the production of StackaRack through Kickstarter because it's a big project, and so getting it off the ground the old fashioned way would take a lot of resources away from our regular production schedule. But we really love this concept and want to make it happen, so we're fronting up half of the initial production cost ourselves, to keep the funding goal down. While the initial offering is for just the basic unit, if it goes well enough we have plans to add in various accessories to customise it even further, like adjustable corner pieces, brush/tool holders and the like.

The Kickstarter is completed, but you can check for updates here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spiralarmstudios/stackarack

You can also find StackaRack on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/StackYourPaint.

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