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The Maelstrom's Edge Hobby

Welcome to the hobby section of the Maelstrom's Edge website. Here you can find:

  • Modeling Articles covering a range of different projects and ideas for your Maelstrom's Edge miniatures.

  • Tips and Techniques for modeling or painting different effects on miniatures or terrain.

  • An ever-growing collection of tutorials, templates and ideas for building terrain using the Maelstrom's Edge Terrain Sprue.

  • Detailed Assembly Guides for every plastic model we've released to date.

  • Unboxing videos of Battle for Zycanthus from customers who have kindly filmed their initial unboxing of Maelstrom's Edge and uploaded it to youtube.

  • Terrain Building Videos, showcasing a few buildings made from the Maelstrom's Edge terrain sprue and different base materials.

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