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Assembling Maelstrom's Edge Plastic Models

Below are assembly instructions for all of our ever-growing range of plastic kits. This section will be expanded as new kits are released. We have also included some modeling ideas for some of these kits, and you can see more modeling and conversion ideas in the Modeling Articles Section.

The Broken

Broken Rabble Units

Broken Rabble Assault Unit

Broken Chieftains & Unit Bosses

The Epirian Foundation

Epirian Contractors

Epirian Handlers

Epirian Hunter Warmechs

Epirian Firefly and Spider Drones

Epirian Scarecrows

Epirian Suppression Team

Epirian Master Bot Handler

Epirian SecDef Tactical Teams

The Karist Enclave

Karist Angels

Karist Kaddar Nova

Karist Minnows

Karist Shadow Walker

Karist Tempest Elites

Karist Troopers

Karist Praetorians

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