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One of the first things we did to start gaining competence with plastics was to design a sprue of terrain. Maelstrom's Edge benefits from a decent amount of terrain on the board, and as such, we wanted to be sure that we could get maximum coverage with a small amount of sprue space.

There are plenty of companies out there providing excellent MDF and full-building plastic terrain so simply doing what they have done with a different flavour did not appeal to us. Instead, we looked back in time at more efficient terrain building options and came up with a modular sprue which is scale compatible with most major terrain ranges that are already out there.

What we've created is this:

A large range of high quality plastic components, including but not limited to, doors, windows, fascias, panels, edging, pipe fittings (designed to fit standard drinking straws and small pipes), and much more.

Our terrain allows you to take a simple object, or build a simple shape out of card, balsa or foamcore, and cut some holes in it and stick in our plastic:

Then end up with a fantastic building once painted and weathered:

Terrain Gallery

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You can find plenty of other examples and ideas for terrain amongst our ever-expanding collection of terrain building articles.

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