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Factions on the Maelstrom's Edge

Karist Assault

Click on the links below to read about the different factions that fight on the Maelstom's Edge, and to see the ever-expanding range of models that represent these factions on the tabletop.

The Epirian Foundation

The Epirian Foundation is the descendant of a corporate entity responsible for the terraforming and colonisation of many outer worlds across the galaxy. As the Maelstrom approaches, they wish to evacuate as many of their colonists and resources as possible, ensuring that they can survive and prosper in the universe that the Maelstrom is created. There are countless franchises and branches with specific specialities and rivalries across the galaxy. They rely heavily on their robotic workers and use adapted and weaponised versions in battle.

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The Karist Enclave

The Karist Enclave are an insidious presence on many worlds threatened by the Maelstrom. The Karists live for the Maelstrom, believing that it brings the end of days and that by allowing the energies of the Maelstrom to consume them, they will ascend to a higher plane of existence. They strive to keep as many people on threatened planets as they can to help mankind ascend or at least meet the Maelstrom in peace. In battle, they harness the power of cybel energy in their weapons and as a drug to control the monstrous space creatures known as the Angels.

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The Broken

When a planet is threatened by the approach of the Maelstrom, many people leave as soon as they are able to get offworld. The rich buy ships, and the able sign up for conscription in the Epirian Corporation. However, many are still left behind, unable to escape as their destruction approaches. Plenty give up hope, and others resort to violent protest and terrorism to destroy and steal from those with more. The Broken is a loose alliance of those protestors, including the poorest and the dispossessed, as well as those alien workers without an organisation to save them, such as the elongated Kasmenai, the draft animal Rachus and the huge hulking Gnolti.

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