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Karist Enclave Tempest Elites

Although nobody doubts a Karist Trooper's battle field effectiveness, the sight of a Tempest Elite on the field is truly terrifying. Tempest Elites are experienced warriors, veterans of many campaigns of enlightenment, who have been entrusted with the Enclave's heaviest man-portable weaponry and advanced armoured suits. Each one is a genuine hero of the Karist cause, and each one is capable of single handedly devastating the enemy with truly staggering levels of fire-power from their Ravager pulse cannons and Coriolis energy mortar launchers. Possessing cooler heads than their Karist Trooper brethren due to the tempering of experience, the Tempest Elites normally position themselves behind the front-wave assaults and bring death from the skies to their enemies.

Official Colour Scheme

Alternate Colour Schemes

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