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Free Force Books

If you want to get started with the Karist Enclave or Epirian Foundation, we are currently providing free downloadable PDF copies of each!

The Karist Enclave

This book contains everything you'd expect from a force book, from the background and origins of the Karist Enclave, to detailed, up-to-date force listings, abilities, equipment and points values and model stats, not to mention lots of lovely artwork.

If you have a Karist army, you need this PDF, so grab it now, stick it on your phone or tablet, or just print a copy out as it is just 22 pages in all at time of writing, so fairly reasonable!

The Epirian Foundation

This 21 page book contains the background and origins of the Epirian Foundation, detailed, up-to-date force listings including the faction expansion sprue, abilities, equipment and points values and model stats, along with lots of lovely artwork. Download it now!

These books will be going to print eventually, but not until we add a bunch more units next year, so it is digital only for the time being, and what could be better than free!

You can supplement these books with the faction reference sheets available here in the rules section.

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