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Epirian Contractors Product Image

Epirian Contractors


This product contains 2 plastic Epirian Contractor Engineer sprues, which allow you to build six Epirian Contractor models on 25mm bases.

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Part soldier, part maintenance worker, Contractor Engineers are the mainstay of Foundation defence forces. Although the Foundation is famous for its robotic units, Contractors are a common sight in nearly all military and security endeavours and typically make up around half of an expeditionary force or security team. In addition to their value as fighters, Contractors are also expected to contribute to the maintenance of Epirian robots and facilities, and the lines between engineer and soldier are frequently blurred. It is just as common to see a Contractor with a spanner in their hand as it is to see them crouched behind a barricade with a rifle.

Each sprue includes two pistols and two grenade launchers, as well as many extra arms and additional variant heads.

This sprue can be combined with the Faction Expansion Sprue to build a Contractor Suppression Team.

Epirian Contractors


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