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4x Epirian Firefly Drones Product Image

4x Epirian Firefly Drones


This product contains 2 Epirian Drone sprues, which allow you to build four firefly drones. Appropriate bases are included.

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Retrofitted crop-dusters, Firefly Recon drones provide invaluable aerial targeting data while carrying a lethal payload of Clingfire, whereas the Spider Drone's low profile and unique leg design make them the perfect gun platform.

The Drone sprue can assemble either Spider of Firefly drones, and comes with all the available weapon options, as well as one aesthetic gun option which is also ideal for use as antennas on these or other models. The jet turbines have a range of posing options available and the modular nature of the drones make conversion and part swapping very easy.

4x Epirian Firefly Drones


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