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Militus Battlesuit Product Image

Militus Battlesuit


This kit contains one multipart, plastic Artarian Remnant Militus suit and a 46mm base.

Each sprue contains one battlesuit with 12 different head options and a range of weapons to choose from.

You can find assembly instructions for this model in PDF format here.

Sculpted by Kevin Johnson

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The Militus suit forms the core of most Remnant Fire Teams. Designed for ease of customization, it strikes a balance between mobility and protection. This utility has resulted in a wide number of different variants being developed amongst House tournament teams, from lightly armed scout suits like the Spirit, to electronic countermeasures specialists like the Wavejammer and heavy hitting Novae and Ballistaris.

On the battlefields of the Edge, the most commonly seen suits are those with broader tactical applications. Capable of equipping either a boostpack or field generator, Militus Skyrunners and Warriors are capable of launching lightning strikes against enemy positions or more deliberate advances under fire, and form the core of a majority of Remnant battle lines. These stalwarts can carry a range of different weaponry as the engagement requires, with equipment easily switched out between battles.

Find out more about these armored warriors in the Artarian Remnant section here, and download their rules from the section here.

Militus Battlesuit


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