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Karist Trooper Pack Product Image

Karist Trooper Pack


This pack includes 8 plastic sprues, which allow you to build 24 Karist Trooper models - the backbone of any Karist force. 25mm bases are included.

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The core of the Enclave's military caste - highly adaptable and utterly devoted to the Karist way. The face of the Enclave's military forces, Karist Troopers are the instrument by which the message of communal ascension is enforced. Karist Troopers wear plate armour over a softer smart-leather uniform, giving them an imposing and powerful silhouette. Their masks are typically smooth with a single eyelet exposing their left eye. On the right side of their mask is a trio of sensors, the iconic tri-eye. Karist Troopers are armed with pulse carbines loaded with packets of destructive cybel energy, supported by crippling emissions from a Radwave Emitter or cover-denying blasts from a Ripper Grenade Launcher.

Each of the two sprues builds 3 Karist troopers with plenty of spare parts including options for a Quintarch (squad leader), Radwave Emitter, Ripper Grenade Launcher and Pulse Pistol.

This kit can be combined with the Faction Expansion Sprue to build a Karist Praetorian unit.

Karist Trooper Pack


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