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Sig Jammer STL  Product Image

Sig Jammer STL


This digital model pack contains STL files to print a Sig Jammer model. Includes supported and unsupported versions, and two different pose and head variants.

In Maelstrom's Edge games, the Sig Jammer is fielded on a 25mm base, available here.

Sculpted by Anvil Industry and Iain Wilson. Studio model painted by Winterdyne Commission Painting.

Please note that this is a digital file, not a physical product.

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Broken communities don't tend to possess extensive production facilities, but what they lack in infrastructure, they make up for in unregulated ingenuity. Broken groups tend to be havens for tech-savants and hackers, known collectively as 'Jammers' - rule-breakers ostracised by societies scared of their technological prowess. These maverick inventors thrive amongst the Broken, where their skills are used to break into computer networks, disrupt signals, and set enemy technology against its users. Broken leadership encourages anyone with a natural aptitude for technology to become an apprentice, or 'Sig Jammer'. In peacetime, these neophytes serve the needs of a Savant, scrounging parts and carrying out menial tasks. When the Broken go to war, Sig Jammers cause electronic havoc amongst the enemy. Deployed near enemy lines, their disruption equipment degrades weapon systems, disrupts broadcast frequencies, and shuts down targeting and support systems.

You can find out how to use this model in your Maelstrom's Edge games in the rules section.

Sig Jammer STL


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