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Unit Cards

Maelstrom's Edge uses a card-based force building system, with a card for each different unit and for some special types of models that can be added to other units. You can see individual unit cards in the 'Force Lists' section of the website here, and you can also find printable compilations of the cards for each faction in PDF format below. Weapon profiles and additional information on each unit can be found in the faction summary booklets available here.

Epirian Foundation Unit Cards
Last updated 21/10/19

Karist Enclave Unit Cards
Last updated 10/11/18

Broken Unit Cards
Last updated 10/11/18

Artarian Remnant Unit Cards
Last updated 01/08/19


Unofficial Unit Cards - All Factions
Last updated 28/10/19

These are cards for unoffical units that haven't been tested or balanced by the rules team, but are included to give some extra options in your games if you choose to use them.

Mission & Objective Cards

The core Mission and Objective cards are supplied in the Battle for Zycanthus starter set. For those who don't have the box, or need replacements, you can find all of the cards in printable PDF format below. This download also includes cards the exclusive Faction Objectives for each faction.

Maelstrom's Edge Mission & Objective Cards - All Factions

Legacy Cards

These are the original card versions included in the Battle for Zycanthus box. The original cards have been left here for reference, or for replacing lost or damaged cards if people want to keep using this version, we would recommend using the newer versions in the Force Lists section and PDFs above for the most up-to-date rules.

Battle For Zycanthus Unit Cards - Epirian Foundation & Karist Enclave - Zip file

Check out our Sample Force Rosters page if you'd like to see some example builds, and head on over to the store if you'd like to pick some models up today!

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