Unit Cards

Maelstrom's Edge uses a card-based force building system. For ease of planning, we've shared all of the cards below so that you can start plotting out your force of choice. Weapon profiles and additional information on each unit can be found in the faction summary booklets available here.

To build your force, you'll need to pick at least one HQ unit, and then that unit will open up additional force building options as represented by the icons on the rear of their card.

Each model sprue contains every option - we've not listed anything that you cant actually represent on your models - so you are free to build whatever you like. Light forces are around 120 points, suitable for a quick game. The recommended full size force should be aimed at 150 points.

Epirian Foundation Units

Karist Enclave Units

For convenience and offline viewing, you can download large images of all the above cards in a zip file.

Happy Planning!

Check out our Sample Force Rosters page if you'd like to see some example builds, and head on over to the store if you'd like to pick some models up today!

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