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Epirian Scarecrows Product Image

Epirian Scarecrows


This product contains 2 Epirian Scarecrow sprues, which allow you to build two Scarecrow bots on 25mm bases.

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The ultimate security bot - a Scarecrow is always watching and its Railrifle rarely misses. Scarecrows are area patrol units, designed to provide security to various types of property ranging from industrial perimeters to agricultural and terraforming facilities. Equipped with an advanced suite of thermal and motion tracking sensors, the Scarecrow is designed to detect and deter any non-authorized biological or technological intrusion into its designated patrol area.

This plastic kit uses sliding core technology to allow for extra complexity. It has 10 points of articulation, mixing ball joints and angled joints to allow for a huge range of poses. Each sprue can create either a standard Scarecrow or a Command Scarecrow, capable of leading an all-robot army. Two alternate arm weapons are provided. Multiple sprues can be combined to create variants fielding dual weapons.

Epirian Scarecrows


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