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Broken Infantry Pack Product Image

Broken Infantry Pack


Containing 6 models split over 4 sprues with a huge range of options, this pack allows you to build any of the main Broken squads as well as a command unit.

Contains: 1x Weapon and Head Sprue, 1x Body Sprue 1, 1x Body Sprue 2, 1x Body Sprue 3

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The Broken are our most variable set of models ever. With each set of sprues containing the options to build 6 full models, with a huge range of weapon configurations, and practically unlimited convertibility, any sci-fi modelling project will benefit from these 32mm scale infantry.

The Broken in Maelstrom's Edge represent the bulk of humanity that could not be rescued. Taking their situations into their own hands, they have managed to scrape their way to long term survival by banding together and sharing information and common goals.

These sprues allow the construction of a combination of Broken Foresaken Chieftans, Broken Rabble, Rabble Fire Support and Rabble Assault squads. You can find assembly guides here.

Broken Infantry Pack


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