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Nimbus Pathfinder Product Image

Nimbus Pathfinder


This kit contains one plastic Artarian Remnant Nimbus Pathfinder suit and a 40mm base.

Sculpted by Anvil Industry.

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Like its heavier Militus cousin, the Nimbus battlesuit is a marvel of Artarian engineering. Designed for sniper and scout roles, the Nimbus trades in the Militus' heavier armour in favour of speed and agility.

The Nimbus Pathfinder fills a scouting role. This model is armed with an Arc Splitter with a Pinpoint Scanner that it uses to paint enemy units to draw down heavier Remnant firepower.

The Nimbus can be equipped with an array of additional equipment, including Hologram Projectors and Cloak Generators to confound enemy targeting, Vent Systems to assist with cooling, Thermal Trackers to enhance their already formidable shooting, and a Lorican Boostpack when additional speed is required. This kit is compatible with heads and boostpack parts from the plastic Militus kit, and also with the head and camo cloak backpack from the resin Nimbus model.

This kit contains a single, plastic Nimbus suit, along with a 40mm plastic base, for use as a Nimbus Pathfinder or Nimbus Pathfinder Prime. The rules for these units can be found in the Force Lists section of the website, or in a downloadable, printable format in the rules section here.

You can find assembly instructions for this model in PDF format here.

Nimbus Pathfinder


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