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Marsayan Hypnotist STL Product Image

Marsayan Hypnotist STL


This digital model pack contains STL files to print a Marsayan Hypnotist model. Included are the following:

- Single-piece Marsayan Hypnotist model, unsupported
- Single-piece Marsayan Hypnotist model, supported

In Maelstrom's Edge games, the Hypnotist is fielded on a 25mm base, available here.

Please note that this is a digital file, not a physical product.

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Marsays are not naturally gifted fighters, nor are they a particularly good shot. With their long limbs, clumsy gait and large bulbous eyes, Marsays don't seem a threat. Disguised behind those eyes, however, is their remarkable ability to influence the mind of others. This is a slumbering ability that most Marsay cannot consciously steer, only presenting itself when the Marsay is angry or fearful. There are some, however, who can exercise this power at will, giving them frightening control over those around them. At a distance, a Marsay can subtly suggest to the enemy to perhaps choose a different target to fire at. Up close, they can create much more intense hallucinations or make an opponent become violently ill. Find out more about these enigmatic aliens in the Broken section here.

The Marsayan Hypnotist can be added to different Broken Rabble units to help shield them from enemy fire. You can find out more in the rules section.

Marsayan Hypnotist STL


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