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Angel Hellblasters Product Image

Angel Hellblasters


Includes two high quality resin Angel Hellblaster models with 46mm bases.

Sculpted by Anvil Industry.

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Hellblasters are juvenile Angels formed into a living weapon. Their oversized jaw and excess cybel sacs located around their head allow them to form a massive cybel charge in their maw which they then eject as a deadly ranged projectile. They maintain a focus on their cybel projectiles using their innate ability for kinetic manipulation, preventing them from exploding until they reach their chosen target. These cybel blasts are ideal for clearing out large groupings of infantry, and the mere sight of Hellblasters on the field can cause experienced enemy units to scatter in a panic.

This kit includes two Angel Hellblasters.

Find out more about the Karist Enclave here, and grab their rules from the downloads section here.

Angel Hellblasters


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