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StackaRack Extra STL Files Product Image

StackaRack Extra STL Files


This pack contains STL files for 3D printing of additional StackaRack parts, to supplement the Basic Pack. Licensed for personal, non-commercial use only.

Please note that this is a digital file, not a physical product.

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StackaRack is a super customisable plastic stacking rack, designed to hold miniature paints from all of the major manufacturers. We launched successfully on Kickstarter in 2021, and the plastic version is currently in production and due for release later this year. In the meantime, we're making the STL files of the components available for those with 3D printers who want to get a headstart on organising their paint collection.

Example of a StackaRack

This pack contains STL files of the following additional StackaRack components:
  • StackaRack Holder Unit Pre-assembled - Single unit
  • StackaRack Holder Unit Pre-assembled - 2 high
  • StackaRack Holder Unit Pre-assembled - 2 high with base
  • StackaRack Holder Unit Pre-assembled - 3 high
  • StackaRack Holder Unit Pre-assembled - 3 high with base
  • StackaRack Tall Pot Adapter Ring
  • (better fit for P3/Reaper style pots.
  • StackaRack Base - filled underside
  • StackaRack Base - filled underside, flush back fit
  • StackaRack Corner Pre-assembled - Based
  • StackaRack Corner Pre-assembled - Unbased
  • StackaRack Corner Base Piece
  • StackaRack Top Shelf - flat bottom version
  • StackaRack Top Shelf - socket version

You will also need the Basic Pack to use these files.

We recommend printing on a filament printer with .2mm layer height or finer. You can find printing guidelines for these components here, and an assembly guide PDF can be downloaded from here.

For more customising options or speedier printing and assembly, check out the Extra Parts pack.

StackaRack Extra STL Files


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