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Epirian Starter Bundle Product Image

Epirian Starter Bundle


Get yourself started in Maelstrom's Edge with this bundle including three Epirian units, dice, tokens and other useful components.
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This bundle includes the following plastic Epirian models:

  • 2 x Bot Handlers, which can be assembled as a Journeyman and Apprentice.
  • 4 x Drones, which can be built as Fireflies, or Spiders to accompany the Apprentice Bot Handler.
  • 6 x Contractors.

Epirian Starter Bundle

Also included are dice and three sheets of cardboard tokens, area of effect templates and suppression markers, Faction objective markers for the Epirian and Karist factions, and two Victory Point trackers.

Starter Components

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Download the free Maelstrom's Edge rulebook PDF

Download printable Unit, Mission and Objective cards

Epirian Starter Bundle


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